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The Community Behavioral Health Association of Maryland (CBH) advocates for policy and legislative changes designed to achieve a robust, high quality, clinically integrated behavioral health system for  families and individuals in Maryland.

CBH has modified its Public Policy Committee and related work to address the COVID-19 public health emergency.  The association's Public Policy Committee is meeting weekly to offer updates to members on federal and state developments, gather information on members' needs, and shape CBH's public policy advocacy. Members can learn more and connect to these efforts by logging into the member portal (green button at top right corner of the website).

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Despite early adjournment and chaotic closing days, CBH secured most of its legislative priorities in the 2020 legisative session.

To look up bills and session information directly, visit the Maryland General Assembly website. To sign up for CBH's action alerts or contact your legislator, please see our Take Action page.

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Previous Session Resources

2020 Legislative Session

  • CBH's 2020 Legislative Session report is forthcoming. 
  • CBH's 2020 Session Priorities:
  1. Strengthen Parity Compliance - CBH joins the Parity Coalition in seeking to strengthen oversight of Maryland's commercial carriers for compliance with federal parity requirements. Click here to download the factsheet supporting SB 334/HB 455.
  2. Restore Behavioral Health Funding - The legislature mandated a 4% rate increase for publicly-funded behavioral health services, but the Hogan Administration only funded a 2% increase in the FY21 budget. The full funding is needed to cover rising costs. Download the Behavioral Health Coalition's factsheets to restore funding and talking points.
  3. Oppose HB 1461. Last year, a bill passed the General Assembly unanimously to allow advance practice psychiatric nurse practitioners to serve as medical directors at outpatient mental health clinics (OMHCs). This bill protected access to OMHC in the face of a psychiatric shortage that is projected to grow in Maryland by 29% -- but it's under threat. HB 1461 would repeal last year's bill. Click here for our factsheet opposing HB 1461.

2019 Legislative Session

JCR Reports:

  1. BHA Facility Staffing 
  2. Behavioral Health Workforce and Capacity
  3. Inpatient Psychiatric Bed Capacity
  4. Fidelity Audit of Supportive Employment and ACT
  5. Use of Voluntary Placement Agreements
  6. Medicaid Program Business Process

2018 Legislative Session

We support best practices.  We connect colleagues in the field.  We fight for rights and resources.


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